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InvisibleHand Partner Program

As a software company, InvisibleHand Networks is focused on product development and enhancement, and invests in strategic partnerships to expand the solution base for on demand, real time pricing capabilities to customers.

The InvisibleHand Partner Programs are designed to leverage our partners in their efforts to develop, integrate, market and sell their solutions in conjunction with the Merkato pricing and allocation software platform. To maximize the value of working with our strategic partners, we have established the InvisibleHand Networks Partner Programs to foster relationships through joint development, business planning, marketing and sales efforts.

InvisibleHand Networks has organized our strategic partnership efforts into major categories: Channel Partners, Technology Partners, and Strategic Alliance Partners.

InvisibleHand Partner Program Categories

  • 2. Technology Partner Program    
    • Network equipment companies
    • Software vendors (subcategories: billing, provisioning, content generation)
    • Smart routing technology companies

To become a Partner of InvisibleHand Networks, companies need to pass through a number of qualifications relating to company success, technology superiority, market adoption and implementation standards.


Program Category Descriptions

Channel Partner Program: The InvisibleHand Channel Partner Program combines InvisibleHand’s industry-leading technology in market-based pricing and delivery of network resources with the operational and sales capabilities of our channel partners. Channel Partnerships are developed to extend the existing sales reach, and attract new sales opportunities for both InvisibleHand and our channel partners.  Channel Partner Program Benefits include:

  • Increased revenue per client for partners
  • Increased revenue per square foot for the neutral co-location facility or exchange
  • Competitive advantage for both the channel partner and InvisibleHand Networks
  • Expanded sales opportunities for both the channel partner and InvisibleHand Networks

For more information about our Channel Partner Program, visit our Channel Partner Program page.


Technology Partner Program: The InvisibleHand Technology Partnership Program is designed to reinforce the awareness and accelerate adoption of market-based pricing and allocation through the complementary products/technologies of leading technology companies.  InvisibleHand Networks believes that pricing and allocation solutions deliver further value to clients when combine with the other critical infrastructure elements. The Technology Partner Program has been developed to provide a framework to build these relationships. Technology Partner Program Benefits include:

  • Heightened awareness through strategic and tactical marketing action
  • Long-term business relationship with InvisibleHand Networks
  • Expansion of market reach
  • Faster time to market
  • Expanded sales opportunities

Technology partners must also go through additional testing and verification programs.  For more information on our Technology Partner Program, visit our Technology Partner Program page

Strategic Alliance Partner Program: The InvisibleHand Strategic Alliance Partner Program is focused on the offering of compete solutions through the close collaboration and integration of complementary solutions. Strategic Alliance Partners are (1) those whose primary focus is on the complete solution, which may include joint development, integration and professional services, or (2) established companies with products whose synergies with market based pricing and allocation will help influence adoption as well as complement the companies current solution offerings. Strategic Alliance Partner Program Benefits include:

  • Competitive distinction vis-à-vis new technology focus
  • Expanded customer targets
  • Faster time to market
  • Additional sales opportunities

For more information on our Strategic Alliance Partner Program, visit our Strategic Alliance Partner Program page.

In addition to the specific benefits for each category, each partner will also benefit from the following activities:

  • Training Programs:
    • Product Training
    • Solution Training
    • Sales Training 
  • Technical Support
  • Development Support  
  • Market Development Support 
  • Tactical Marketing and Co-branded Programs 
  • Public Relations and Customer Success Stories
  • Access to Product Documentation     

Please email us your questions or proposal at info@invisiblehand.net


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